Testimonial – Bernette – Dentistry – Dental Crowns


This is this second time I have been to this clinic, first time with my daughter who had a crown put in a front tooth she broke, while jogging. That was last year, her crown is beautiful, needless to say when part of my filling broke off and some tooth with it, I knew I would be making a trip to Prague. So this past week Sept. 21, 2017, I drove to Prague from Germany early in the morning because: I was having a crown done in 1 day!! Dr. Malychin and his team, worked all morning saving part of my tooth and with a new technic, I got partial filling and crown. Saved my tooth!! Best team work!! and gracious personnel. I will be returning next yr. with my husband. Oh, I do not speak Czech, they all speak better English then I do. I am from Washington State, USA and 73 yrs old.

Bernette, USA
25th September 2017
Review – Dentistry – Dental Crowns