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We chose Gest Clinic or Gest Clinic chose us, not sure how the magic happened. We sent a request for information and within a day or two Kate, who became our coordinator, responded with complete detail of what the clinic could do for us, price, and timeline. Language was never be a barrier; the clinic has experience with clients from all over the world. Kate helped us with airport transfer, hotel accommodation, acupuncture appointment and even assist us when we picked up our prescription from the pharmacy. Prior to coming to Gest Clinic, we completed five rounds of IVF at a clinic in Kansas, US. We loved Gest because of the excellent medical team, great contact with Dr. Alexander, and the clinic use the latest technology in the treatment. We were very happy with the outcome, smooth and relaxed.
We highly recommend it to anyone. I am 15 weeks pregnant now after a first attempt.

Beatrice, Italy
20 March 2020
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