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We had a shared donor egg IVF cycle with Praga Medica/Gest in March 2015. We worked with Jana from Praga Medica. She is absolutely wonderful— and she interacted with us like a trusted friend, who was there for us when we needed her. She put all of my many worries to rest with her immediate responses to my many questions or anxieties. After my first conversation with her, I was sure that I wanted to proceed with the IVF cycle with Praga Medica. Jana met us at the clinic for our consultation and later for the embryo transfer. She will also arrange hotel, ground transportation in Prague, etc, although we did not use this service but it was a bonus for us to know that everything would be handled by Jana if we needed it to be. Jana is a warm, kind, and beautiful person—you can tell that she gives her all to her work with the clients. Prague is very easy to get around in with plenty of nice and reasonably priced hotels and is a wonderful place to spend some time. The clinic itself is in a residential neighborhood but is within walking distance from a tram stop. The clinic is well organized and clean. All at the clinic is “above board” with accurate and transparent pricing, receipts given, straightforward instructions and prompt communication from the clinic—you can also buy your medications directly from the clinic. Questions about medication, etc. were answered within a few hours. They seem to have the latest equipment with an option for continuous embryo monitoring, embryoGen culture, embryo glue, etc. I worked with Dr. Daniel Alexander, who is experienced and professional but is also kind-hearted with a good sense of humor. There was personal service at the clinic and I didn’t feel “lost in the shuffle”, as people complain with other clinics—I feel like Dr. Alexander knew exactly who I was when we were emailing back and forth, etc. We had a day three embryo transfer with perfect looking embryos, which we were able to view live on the screen right before the transfer. Dr. Alexander himself performed the embryo transfer without ultrasound guidance with absolutely no problem. I had no discomfort during/after transfer. Unfortunately, my cycle was not successful. I will be going back for my second cycle during the summer and have been in communication and planning with Dr. Alexander on this. I will post another review after the second cycle; I am not yet sure what they will adjust for the second cycle, but they do advertise a 90% success rate after three fresh cycles. I would recommend PragaMedia/Gest for their personal service, prompt response time, advanced equipment, transparency, and professionalism.

20th April 2015
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