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United Kingdom

RLE Surgery with Praga Medica
So, I had been unable to read close to for a while but put it down to getting older, but when my distance vision also started to go and I ended up with Varifocal glasses which made me feel seasick I decided enough was enough. Someone I knew had RLE in the UK and had average results I did some investigation. It turned out Praga Medica had done thousands so I thought “What have I got to lose” I contacted them and there was no sales pressure, after a burst eardrum in November I postponed until January. But what can I say, I arrived for my surgery on 7th Jan and was met by John my driver at the airport who took me to my hotel, the next morning I was met by Pavia (good luck in Seattle) and she took me to the clinic for a three hour eye test. Next day was the full medical (better than anything I have had in the Uk) then on for the first eye to be done. I opted for the laser method as I had previous trauma to one eye and was advised laser would be less envasive. Patched up I went back to my hotel and binge watched Netflix. The next morning I had to remove the patch, guess what, I could see perfectly. Check up on Thursday and I had two eyes so set out to see Prague. On Friday I had the second eye done with patch removal ithe next morning then another check up followed by flying home again, again John picked me up at my hotel and took me back to the airport. I was looked after all through the process by Jitka, brilliant. Now, two weeks on my vision is brilliant and getting better every day. I could drive the same day as getting home, I was warned about the nighttime halos on lights, but even that is fine unless you look directly at oncoming cars, just look at the road, you will be fine. I cannot praise highly enough the service I received, the clinic was spotless and the service perfect. £3,500 v £7,500 in the UK Prada Medica wins every time. Do not hesitate, this surgery has changed my life, I no longer fear falling down the stairs due to not being able to handle varifocal lenses, I now jump out of bed ready to get on with a new day. These guys are absolute stars, I highly recommend. The nighttime halos will go in time once my brain adjusts but even if they remain I am more than happy. Only two weeks post surgery so looking forward to the future. Go for it, best thing I ever did, thank you everyone.

Amanda Morris , UK
Jan 24 2019
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