Review – Alan – Vision correction – RLE with monofocal lens

United Kingdom

I made my first visit to Prague in order to have monofocal lenses implanted as this service was being offered for half the price of that in the UK. I was over for six days and had a full medical examination. On the first day my first eye was operated on, and the other eye was operated on two days later.. The day after that I went to see the specialist to examine both eyes, and then flew home the same day.
The staff at Praga Medica who looked after me (Monika in particular) were total professional and, if needed, held your hand at every stage of your stay. The medical team at the clinic made sure that you understood each step of the process and were very reassuring.
I also fitted in an appointment at the dentist for assessment and costing.
The cost of both eyes the flights and hotel was around half that it would of cost in the UK.

Alan, Manchester
Reviews – Vision correction – RLE with monofocal lenses