Procedures to be followed during fertility treatment abroad.

Many couples have problem conceiving and their biggest problem is an increasing cost in their country. This and the fact that their home country has a low success rate in conceiving forces them to undergo IVF abroad. For some, it may also be the long waiting list. When they decide to go abroad their biggest problem after this decision is what should they do and where. This is why we have decided to write this article to help couples to know what they should do.

The most important thing to do is to choose the country where you want to undergo your procedure.

A good example of such country can be the Czech Republic as it has one of the highest success rates, state of the art clinics, experienced doctors and doctors that are skilled to perform the newest procedures in IVF as well as a very low price and no waiting list with IVF with egg donation and with embryo donation.

You should choose a medical tourism facilitator.

You might think that going with medical tourism facilitator will increase your cost but that is not true at all. Medical tourism facilitators have contracts with the best clinics in the country. This will save you some time when you have to search for the right clinics. The medical facilitator will help you to choose the right treatment for you, help you to book the hotel and assist you with airport pickups and drop offs and you can even save on tours in the city. A good example of such medical facilitator in the Czech Republic is Praga Medica.

Considering having your trip tailored.

This might be undergoing  IVF  in one visit or if you have some unique requirements and/or undergoing other procedures during your visit as stated above. This may include your husband to undergo other procedure like vision correction, a dental treatment and or plastic surgery if you wish to do so. This is very hard to do so by yourself. This is one of the other reason why having a medical tourism facilitator like Praga Medica is an advantage.

Choosing a medical facilitator/clinic with shared risk.

It is very important to choose a medical facilitator with some sort of a guarantee of you getting pregnant. This may range from reduction in Price for your second treatment or refund a certain percentage of the cost. You may ask why and the answer to this is pretty simple. If you were a good clinic at which many patients get pregnant you would offer such guarantee if you are a bad clinic and your success rate is low then this kind of guarantee will get you out of the business pretty fast. This is why Praga Medica cooperates only with Czech clinics that have this type of guarantee.

Choose the right time to travel abroad for an IVF

Even though this may sound a little bit odd choosing the right time is of big importance in a hassle-free treatment abroad as well as save you the cost of the transport if you do not choose to go during school holidays as the price for airplane tickets increases due to the demand increase for such tickets.

Listen to the medical advisor assistant and to the physician.

Even though this might seem obvious some people do not follow the correct procedure and for example, take what they had prescribed later or earlier than the physician has told them, this, of course, does reduce the chance of getting pregnant. You have to listen and follow all the things they have told you to do as, the physicians and the assistants have all the experience necessary to make the best treatment plan that will suit you this is due to the past experience and the outstanding amount of skills they have with patients going to the Czech Republic for IVF.

The points stated above are procedures to be followed and every single one of them is of essence and following this procedure will ensure that you will have a hassle free and enjoyable stay abroad and will make sure that you have gotten the best treatment with state of the art clinics and skilled specialists in the field of IVF.

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