Praga Medica Welcomes Anna to the Team

Hi my name is Anna and I´m one of the consultants at Praga Medica. My colleague asked me to write you all a little story about myself as you might be maybe interested in how a 22 years old girl decided to pack up her stuff and move to different country with no English, one bag but full of hope.

I was born in the Czech Republic but had been living in Cork, Ireland for past 6 years. I moved to Ireland right after my nursing degree to improve my English and get some experience before settling down and living my life in Czech Republic. Of course, I only told my parents that I was going just for a year and I planned for that, really, no lies. I ended up finding an au pair family in Cork who had 4 kids and 5 dogs. For those who don´t know Ireland well don´t worry, as I had no idea where I was moving to either. Cork is the second largest city in Ireland on the southwest of the island.

So that was the start of me as an au pair. I lasted with the family for the longest two month of my life before I realized that life should be full of joy and fun. So, I packed my stuff once again and decided to try my luck in Dublin. I arrived there on one late rainy September afternoon with no clue what I´m going to do with my life and no money in my pocket but I knew that everything always happens for a reason and so I chose to fight.

The next day I got my first job as a care assistant. Until now I still don´t know how I got so lucky as I had no work permit or any documents. This job was one of the toughest but greatest experiences I had in Dublin, as this lady taught me how to be grateful for every day in my life as she had MS (multiple sclerosis) and couldn’t move anymore. I spent 7 lovely months of my life with her till I couldn´t care for her anymore and she went to Hospice. After my first experience with au pairing I was very skeptical to try that again but I couldn’t find a job and started to get worried about my financial situation. I hit the au pair website with families looking for assistance again and found the best mum of all times who gave me the opportunity to mind her three lovely kids and I stayed with them for almost 1 and half year. I think at that time my parents stopped believing that I would ever return home but they just cared for my happiness. I was the happiest girl then, as I had a beautiful family with three adorable children who were taking care of me every day. In exchange for me helping them a bit I got to live in a gorgeous house, free cuddles from kids every day and most of all I got the biggest experience of how to love unconditionally.

I don´t think that I´ll meet such a brilliant mother as was Gillian ever again. She taught me what life is all about and she told me not to hesitate and try to get my nursing registration for Ireland, as that was all I talked about for days because I studied nursing in Czech Republic. I couldn´t wait to step into a different environment and meet all different nurses and nursing staff. It took me exactly one and half years to get the registration but it was so worth it as I got all I needed after that. I left my Irish family and started a new part of my life full of excitement in a nice physio clinic up in Dublin mountains. That place was like my second home not only because I spent loads of time working as a nurse but also because I met my friends for life there in residents and staff. I´m glad I made the decision to get my nursing registration for Ireland as I could see the differences between care in Ireland and Czech Republic. After 2 years in this lovely physio place I decided I needed a change so I started to work in blood transfusion services which was awesome as I learnt so much in there. All my nursing experience in Ireland was so new to me but so amazing as I learnt new things every day. One thing I´ll remember forever is how to be kind to patients and efficient in my job.

I´m so glad that after 6 years I found where I belong once again and I decided to come back to the heart of Europe which I called my home. Now I can help people from all over the world come to Prague with help of Praga Medica, myself and colleagues we can help make miracles of having a child happen. I hope that if you read my story till the end that you might be one of my clients who wishes for a little miracle to happen right now and I´ll be more than happy to help you to make that step of coming to Czech Republic and get a treatment in one of our lovely clinics😊

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.


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