Praga Medica Offers Trifocal Lenses: The Latest Innovation in Vision Correction Treatment

Czech Republic, Sep’16– Praga Medica, a renowned medical tourism facilitator in Prague unleashes its latest and the most advanced offering –the Trifocal Lenses for vision correction treatment. With this, they have taken a step ahead in the direction of being able to serve as their patients in a better way.

Praga Medica is a popular medical tourism firm based in Prague that helps patients to find a highly professional medical treatment program at affordable rates. They help to get good quality and reliable treatment for various medical problems like vision impairment, Infertility treatment and Plastic surgery. Praga Medica also strives to meet the personal expectations of the visiting patients and let them relax completely during their medical treatment abroad. Recently, they have announced the latest vision correction treatment with the use of highly advance trifocal lenses of renowned companies like Alcon and Zeiss.

The trifocal lenses such as Zeiss AT Lisa or Alcon PanOptix provide better results and less halo effects. The Alcon AcrySof® IQ PanOptix® presbyopia-correcting Intraocular Lens (IOL) are specifically designed to correct near, intermediate, and distance vision impairments. Praga Medica has included this lens in its stock only after having reviewed the feedbacks of many renowned eye surgeons.

Along with the advance eye treatment with the trifocal lens, Praga Medica has also rolled out the option of laser eye surgery on Saturday. Under this, they offer laser eye surgery on Saturdays which confines the need to take leave from work to one day only. Patients can arrive on Thursday evening and leave on Sunday afternoon. This 3 day programme includes an examination on Friday, surgery on Saturday and check up on Sunday.

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