[:en]PHOTO Testimonial – Ch + L – IVF Fertility treatment[:]

United Kingdom

[:en]We are extremely happy with our decision to have selected Praga Medica for our IVF treatment.
The doctors and staff were very professional and the person who was assigned to our case, Ellie, was unbelievably supportive and helpful. She went beyond the call of duty to ensure we were informed during the process, followed up to ensure everything was okay after the process and did much more.
We went into the process knowing the relatively low odds of pregnancy for first time IVF implantation, but 6 months on, we are pregnant with a healthy baby girl.
Words cannot express the overwhelming joy and happiness we have each day as baby grows, as movements become more frequent and especially when we see the ultrasound pictures.
We hope that our journey could be an inspiration and gives others who are going through the process hope.
Ch + L, UK