How much can you save by undergoing IVF abroad? Is it really worth it?

Price for IVF treatment has increased. This is why many couples have been forced to have this procedure done outside of their country of residence. In past three years, it has not only been the price that has forced couples to undergo this procedure abroad but also due to the success rate being higher abroad.

The average price of IVF in the UK is according to NHS 5000£ which is around 5700€. According to NHS, the average success rate is 32% and clinics usually do not have some sort of a refund policy if a patient does not get pregnant.

If we cross the Atlantic to the US, the average price is a little tricky to find as US clinics try to breakdown the cost into individual costs in order to make the patient think that the cost will be low. According to Forbes magazine, the average cost is 12 000$ which is around 10 500€. This price does not include the cost of medication which ranges from 3000$ (2600€) to 5000$ (4400€). This means that average cost per one cycle ranges from 13100€ to 14 900€. The US Clinics, like in the UK do not have some sort of a refund if a patient does not get pregnant. The success rate is around 40%, which is a higher to that of UK.

Uk’s neighbor Ireland also has a higher success rate which is the same to that of US which is around 40%. The average cost is around 8000€ including the medication.

In Netherlands, the success rate is around 45%. The average price is around 6800€. However, patients in Netherlands are convinced that physicians and other medical personnel abroad are more skilled and experienced, that more tests are done to investigate their particular medical problem and that their treatment is adjusted to their specific situation. In general, clinics abroad are said to have more experience and better techniques many patients that have been treated in Netherlands and abroad have said ‘there is a lack of skill in Netherlands, they are technically behind, the results were bad, . . . ’ In addition, in the Netherlands, many patients were told there was nothing the clinic could do for them anymore and they feel the clinic (both the system and the physician) gave up on them.

In the Czech Republic through Praga Medica, the price is around 2500€ without IVF stimulation drugs which are around 750€ extra. All together the price is around 3250€. This price not only includes all of the necessary tests and procedures as well as first transfer to the clinic, local representative to help you during the whole stay, 10% discount on 2nd IFV if the patient doesn’t get pregnant, extended cultivation of embryos up to 5 days and Shared risk: 500-1000 EUR refund, should there be no embryo transfer. As well as this clinic has a success rate of over 50% which is higher than any of the countries mentioned above.

Therefore even if we add to this price other costs like Hotel stay and airplane ticket and other costs, the price will still be lower than in the countries mentioned above not even mentioning that the success rate is higher than countries mentioned above.

Why is IVF cheaper in the Czech Republic?

This is mainly due to the fact that the wages for the people working in the clinic are lower than of the countries above. However, this doesn’t mean that they are worse. This is mainly due to the fact that the expenses for living in the Czech Republic are low as well as that the med schools are for free and the most prestigious schools in the Czech Republic are public schools. This means that the doctor doesn’t have any debt when starting his/hers career unlike in the countries above. The low cost is also due to the efficiency of Czech healthcare as its national health insurance covers all of the expenses including most of the dental expenses unlike in the UK to the person with Czech nationality. This has forced all the doctors to not waste money but yet to not cut corners, this is mainly done by reduction of administration costs basically eliminating all unnecessary administration. As well as that Czech Republic is very efficient with its IVF and is well-known for a good quality IVF all around the world. Thus enabling these clinics to buy the newest equipment necessary for IVF.

Is the quality of the treatment in the Czech Republic worse?

No, it’s not. We can clearly see this with the success rate where Czech Republic has the highest success rate out of all of the countries mentioned  above and also we can see this as the clinics are equipped with state of the art technology.

What is IVF?

IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology used for infertility treatment. IVF stands for In vitro fertilization. This is a fertilization of an egg by sperm outside of the body. The fertilized egg (zygote) undergoes embryo culture for 2–6 days, and is then transferred to the same woman’s uterus.

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How much can you save by undergoing IVF with embryo donation abroad?

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