Frequently asked questions



Can I claim treatment costs against tax?


If you pay taxes in Ireland you can claim your tax back on some of our featured procedures. We will provide the necessary forms that your doctor in Prague will confirm after the treatment. After that, you can claim your tax refund online, but always have to keep your receipt as a proof. For further details please refer to http://www.revenue.ie/en/tax/it/leaflets/it6.html or contact your local tax office.
Patients paying taxes in other countries might be also eligible. Please contact your local tax office and confirm with them.



Can I claim treatment costs on my medical insurance?


Both private and public insurance companies are more and more in favor of patients traveling for cheaper treatment abroad. Your qualification for contribution or complete cost reimbursement depends on several factors like your insurance company policy, price and availability of the treatment in your home country, and the type of treatment. PRAGA MEDICA will be happy to advise on this and help you with the necessary documentation so that you can get as much money back as possible.

British patients: If you arrange to have a medical procedure abroad, with the agreement of your doctor and/or any medical practitioner responsible for monitoring your health, you may be entitled to receive care free of charge. This is possible if a procedure has a particularly long waiting list in the UK, but is available faster in another European hospital, for example. Providing the procedure will not cost more than it would do in the UK, you may be able to receive treatment abroad and reclaim the costs. In this case, the NHS would agree to cover the cost of your medical treatment abroad. Source: http://www.monetos.co.uk/insurance/health-insurance/nhs/cover-abroad/
Irish patients: The E112 scheme, established under European Community law, enables citizens to make an application to their local Health Authority for authorisation to travel to another Member State of the European Union to receive medical treatment there. The E112 scheme provides that authorisation must be granted by the Health Authority where the treatment is not available in the home Member State or where the treatment cannot be provided in the home State without undue delay.
If the authorisation to obtain treatment in a hospital or institution in another Member State is granted, the cost of the treatment will be paid for by the Health Authority in the citizen’s home State. Source: http://ec.europa.eu/ireland/the_eu_and_you/faq/health/e112faq_en.htm



Can my private insurance cover for Eye Surgery?


To a certain extend yes. While The VHI or Quinn Healthcare does not cover the full cost of eye surgery, as a member of either VHI or Quinn Healthcare you may qualify for a 15% discount. Other insurance companies may have different reimbursement policies.



Do Czech doctors speak English?


Yes, they do. We are aware fluent communication between patients and doctors is crucial. PRAGA MEDICA cooperates only with doctors that have sufficient knowledge of the English language. Many of them have also worked in clinics in the UK, Ireland, or the USA. Staff at clinics also usually speak English, but you will be always personally introduced to your doctor by a representative of PRAGA MEDICA.



Do I need special travel insurance?


As a member of EU, you should have your European Health Insurance Card / EHIC. Your EHIC will not cover you in every circumstance, however; you will also need to purchase travel insurance to ensure that any emergency medical/non-medical expenses are covered. Travel insurance is not compulsory, but it will offer you peace of mind and financial assistance should some accident happen during your stay in the Czech Republic.



Do you offer some kind of insurance?


Yes, we do. If you want insurance that would cover unexpected emergency situations during your stay we have a great option for you. Together with ERGO, one of the biggest insurance companies in the region we offer new specialized insurance for international patients. It is called Medical Tourism Insurance (MTI).

The main benefits of MTI:

  • Non-stop assistance service in English, Russian and other languages provide the following:

    – transport in case of illness or injury of the Insured;
    – transportation of the remains of the Insured
    – warrant of the insurance protection and settlement of cost for medical treatment on the part of the Insurer.

  • MTI is recognized by the Czech Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, Department of asylum and migration policy. So you will not need any other insurance to get your visa to the Czech Republic.
  • The extent of covered care is similar to the standards the local Czech people have with their mandatory insurance. Unlike with common travel insurance, there are not any surcharges when medical care is recognized as necessary.
  • You are protected even 1 month after the insurance terminates, should you need continuous medical care
  • The insurance is also valid during visits made from the CR to other countries of the Schengen Area.
  • The indemnity limit for 1 insurance event is as high as 80.000 EUR.

Please see the details or order the MTI insurance online here:




How do I book my flight?


Patients are asked to book their flights not later than 24 hours after the confirmation of reservation of the medical treatment (Pre-operative consultation). You will be advised on flights by our representative when the dates of your stay in Prague are confirmed. For flight search options please visit our Travel section.



How do I pay for treatment and other services?


The following payments are usually required:

  1. Deposit – comprises an advance payment for the selected medical procedure and a payment for additional services. The deposit is paid upon completion of our booking process and is a condition to a binding contract between you and Praga Medica. It basically secures that your selected medical procedure and all additional arrangements are properly booked and reserved. The deposit is the only payment required before your arrival.
  2. Payment for medical treatment – in other words, a payment for the selected medical procedure less the advance payment part of the deposit. This payment is paid directly to the clinic and the due amount is usually settled before the treatment.
  3. Payment for accommodation – is paid directly to the accommodation facility unless agreed otherwise.



How many times will I fly to Prague?


With most treatments, pre-operative examination, surgery, and final check-up are done within one stay, so you only fly to Prague once. For dental implants two visits to Prague are necessary. During the 1st visit the implantation is done and 6 days of stay are necessary. After 3 months the implants are ready for crowns to be placed. 2nd visit can be done during the weekend.



Is the Czech Republic in the EU?


The Czech Republic joined the EU in May 2004. There are now no travel or trade restrictions in place between the EU and the Czech Republic. EU regulations apply now as in other member states.



Is there something I should not do before my surgery?


if you were not given any special instructions, there are not any specific limitations for your surgery. However, it is generally recommended not to take vitamin C tablets and drugs diluting blood (e.g. Aspirin) several days before the surgery.



What currency do I use in Prague?


The currency of the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (CZK). Euro is also accepted in some places. The actual exchange rate for the Euro is on the left-hand side of our homepage. Most of our partner clinics accept credit cards and some even Euro in cash. But you will need some Czech crowns for food and shopping anyway. If you prefer to bring cash and exchange your money in Prague, our representative will recommend a place with a good exchange rate.



What happens after my arrival in Prague?


Our representative will meet you at the airport and drive you to the booked hotel. We will give a Czech mobile phone so that you can call us in case something happens. You will be also given a map of Prague and public transport tickets/pass. The same day or the next morning you will be taken to the clinic for the appointment with your doctor. The rest depends on your treatment and your own preferences.



What is the minimal length of stay in Prague?


This depends very much on your treatment. It can be just one day for some dental treatments, 3-10 days for eye surgery or 1-2 weeks for plastic surgery. However, some treatments need more check-ups and longer rest. Pre-operative examination, surgery and final check-up are usually done within one stay, so you only fly to Prague once. But once you are in Prague it would be a pity not to enjoy this wonderful city a bit.



What payment methods do you offer?


Currently, you can pay using:

  • cash
  • debit cards
  • credit cards
  • PayPal
  • bank transfer

Please note that we use PayPal as our secured payment gateway for all online transactions including payments by debit and credit cards.