Testimonial – Tim – Cataract Surgery with Trifocal Lens

The eye clinic I would choose for my mother!
In August 2015 I was told I had a large cataract in my left eye & a small one in the other. The NHS offered a single vision lens in the left eye only + glasses for evermore & the other eye in a couple of years time maybe.
I wanted both eyes done with muti focal lenses + a ‘no-glasses’ outcome.

UK options were too expensive so I looked abroad.

Lots of EU countries were on offer but they weren’t clear or communicative, and some had enquiry forms that seemed impossible to fill in!

However Praga Medica kept coming up, & their website was crammed with information and prices, so I decided to investigate them further.

I was impressed that the cataract surgeon Dr Tovarek had impeccable credentials,& had carried out over 20,000 operations.I scoured the net, but I couldn’t find any complaints either about him or about Praga Medica- indeed all the reviews were unstinting in their praise. So after further fruitless efforts to find something even a little bit wrong with them, I decided to go ahead.
I contacted Monika & after numerous emails where all my questions were answered, quotes provided etc., I paid my deposit booked my flights & settled down to some serious worrying.
Praga Medica offer a great support package at a nominal rate which includes hotel booking, being collected from the airport & an interpreter & I signed up for this.
From the moment I landed in Prague on December 9 (with my brother),everything was taken care of. I just had to be at the right place at the right time.
Klara, my translator, collected me from my hotel, took me to my appointments, waited in the waiting rooms, interpreted during the various examinations, and patiently answered my many nervous questions as well as teaching me how the tram system worked.I would only have have managed with considerable difficulty without her help. As it was, I never had to think about a thing!

Eye surgery was for me very scary but everyone was very supportive and re-assuring even though it must have been just routine for them. Also I was pleased to see lots of local people going through the same process.
My opthalmologist Dr Pilkova talked through my options at length and sympathetically & ensured that I understood that I might not achieve completely perfect vision.
As for the surgery itself, it was totally & completely painless and managed in such a way that you didn’t see much of the theatre….I was even given a green dinosaur to cuddle which I found strangely comforting!
In conclusion, I am very pleased with my distance vision which I measure @ 20/15 in good light. My intermediate vision (PC screen) seems a bit less sharp but is perfectly adequate. My close up vision is good in good light- I can read small print-, but is less good in dim light. The halos I can live with or adapt to, so I’m very satisfied overall.

Additionally, Prague is a beautiful city,with good beer and food; the people are very friendly & it felt very safe.

Praga Medica are like a smoothly oiled machine with top rate surgeons supported by a very efficienf administration : should I need anything else doing in the future, I will check them out first!
I have agreed with Praga Medica to share my email so people can talk to me if they wish.

Tim, UK
06th January 2016
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