Testimonial – Tina – Tooth removal and Lens replacement

I got in touch with Praga Medica through a friend who had had eye surgery and highly recommended them so I looked them up on the internet and made a phone call to a very helpful gentleman called Zdenek Dvorak and told him of my problem. This was an infection in my upper jaw which needed the removal of my upper left two front teeth. He was very helpful and professional, spoke great English and we flew over in November 2014 to meet up with the cosmetic dentist Dr.Katerina Jandova. The dental clinic was so clean, modern and had the latest technology. Dr. Jandova spoke very good English which put me at ease straight away. My teeth were removed with as little trauma as possible and she and her assistant were so caring. The dental plate looks very natural and no-one at home noticed anything different which as a woman is important. The infection in my jaw needed a few months to heal so we returned in March 2015 to see the implantologist Dr. Chelko who was able to put in the implants and a bone graft as my upper jaw bone was very thin. We now have to wait until October to return for the last part of the procedure. Bearing in mind how complicated this all was my treatment has been first class and I shall return with any dental problems in the future. Even with flights and hotels the cost is much cheaper than in the UK plus they are at the forefront with medical treatments in Prague. Now for the eye clinic. I have had limited sight in my left eye with astigmatism and was always told in the UK that it was too complicated to operate on and also a cataract in my right eye and needed glasses for driving, reading and watching the television. While we were there in March 2015 we saw an eye specialist. The clinic was again very modern and with all the latest technology. They did a thorough examination of both eyes and I was told by the specialist that it would be NO PROBLEM to sort out both my left and right eye. The ones in the UK refused to do anything as I am monocular rather than binocular but it was not a problem in Prague. We have just returned and my eyes are amazing. I now have 70 percent sight in my left eye which was 20 percent and no astigmatism and also perfect vision in my right. I am over 55 and this has made such a difference to my life. The lenses are made to measure and I now see better than my husband who had lens replacement in the UK less than 2 years ago. The price was also cheaper and we had a lovely holiday too. I am over the moon and would recommend the eye clinic very highly indeed.
Overall my experience has been amazing, from meeting Zdenek at Praga Medica and the lovely Rita Faltova who sorted out everything with the eye clinic. They are so helpful and only a phone call away to put at ease any fears and questions. Their English is very, very good and my first impression was a good one. They are helpful, thoughtful and extremely professional.

Tina, UK
31st May 2015
Reviews – Tooth removal, Dental Implants and Lens Replacement

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