Gastric Sleeve - Robotic Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. It is a restrictive type of surgery which provides long term results because of making the stomach smaller and thus helping people to lose weight easier by making them feel full after eating small portion meals.

You will benefit from the outstanding skills of our doctors

Our doctors are extremely experienced. Jaroslav Tvaruzek M.D., has performed over 1200 gastric sleeve surgeries and Igor Simonik M.D. performs more than 200 gastric sleeve surgeries each year. A patient that weighs 120kg will lose on average 30-40 kg in the first year after the surgery.

You will not need a worry about a thing

Gastric sleeve surgery is performed in a clinic located between Prague and Brno, which is well known for its personal approach. You can fly to Prague, Brno or Vienna and our team will transport you to the clinic free of charge. You will not need to book accommodation as you will stay at the state of the art clinic.

You will enjoy personalised care

Within a day you will get to know all the doctors and nurses at the clinic. The persons accompanying you may stay with you in one of the 2-3 bedroom apartment with full service. The clinic serves only a small number of guests at any given time. So, you can rest assured that you will receive intimate and personalised care from very attentive doctors and nurses. The state of the art clinic is located in the beautiful Czech countryside. Its intimate and secluded environment will help you rest and recover fully until you are ready to leave. The cornerstone was laid by the Pope John Paul II in 1990. Therefore on the same floor as our patients are accommodated is a small chapel for praying.

You will not be surprised 

You can read more about the experience of our patients on an independent server Trustpilot where we currently score:

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve - Robotic Surgery in Prague:

    • Experienced board certified bariatric surgeons
    • Accessibility - direct flights between Prague and over 130 destinations from 79 EUR return
    • Personal Assistance - local representative to help you during the whole process, free help during your stay
    • Free medical history evaluation - by our experienced surgeons
    • Availability - available surgery dates within 2 weeks
    • Individual treatment plans - we will tailor your trip according to your needs
    • One short stay required for most procedures
    • Prague - stunning UNESCO world-heritage city is ideal for a short break

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Medical team - Iveta - Praga Medica


Position: Treatment Abroad Consultant

Languages: English and Czech

Role: Free consultations over the phone, customer service, patient coordination

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6900 EUR

The price of the Gastric Sleeve package includes:

  • Free evaluation of your medical questionnaire by our bariatric doctors
  • Consultation with the surgeon
  • Preoperative tests
  • General Anaesthetics
  • Surgery by da Vinci robotic system 
  • Hospitalization of 5 – 7 nights
  • Postoperative care
  • Airport transfers by our drivers from Prague, Brno or Wien

Additional information:

  • Free airport pick up for arrivals between 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • You can come with a partner of friend to stay with you in your private room during whole stay. Only 50 EUR a day is charged with full board.

Gastric Sleeve - procedures

Gastric Sleeve€ 5400
Gastric Sleeve - Robotic Surgery€ 6900
* Indicative pricing only, please contact us for your personalised quote with up to date pricing.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery and the Da Vinci Robot

Your surgery is performed by one of our board certified surgeons. Our clinical director and head surgeon, Dr. Tvaruzek, is one of the best robotic surgical specialists in this country with more than 10 years experience with the Da Vinci Robot. He also speaks
English and German fluently. His medical team performs weight loss surgeries and other robotic operations on daily basis and
have performed over 1000 Gastric sleeves operations.
During the surgery the surgeon divides the stomach removing a portion of it so that it's becomes a much smaller. Then, in a process sometimes called stomach stapling the small part of the stomach is sewn or stapled together to make a pouch,
which can hold only a cup or so of food. With such a small stomach, people feel full quickly and eat less. This strategy is also called restrictive, since the new stomach size restricts how much food it can hold.

Post-surgery weight loss is often dramatic. On average, patients lose 60% of their extra weight. For example, a person weighing
159 kilos (350 pound) person is 91 kilos (200 pounds) overweight would drop about 54 kilos (120 pounds). Many
weight-related health problems improve or even disappear after gastric bypass surgery. The most common are diabetes, high blood
pressure, asthma, and obstructive sleep apnea. But losing weight and keeping it off takes lasting lifestyle changes, like eating
several small meals a day and getting regular exercise.

Benefits of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery with PRAGA MEDICA:

  • Most modern method used with assistance of Robot Da Vinci
  • All necessary preoperative examinations
  • Shorter general anesthesia is used during the surgery
  • Short stay, 5 to 7 day stays
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