Gastric Plication

Save up to 75% of your costs on Gastric Plication Surgery in Prague
Gastric Plication is a new minimally invasive bariatric surgery. It reduces the size of the stomach, which limits food intake. During the surgery, any part of the stomach is not removed and the operation can be reversible. This type of Weight Loss surgery is an ideal solution for patients with BMI over 35.
Although Gastric Plication Surgery is very effective, not everyone can afford it. Because Weight Loss Surgery costs are constantly rising in other popular destination countries, it makes sense to come to Czech Republic to have this procedure done. It is not only affordable here, but you will also enjoy Prague, which is one of the most renowned cities for its hundreds of spires, picturesque views and magnificent cathedrals.

Benefits of Gastric Plication in Prague:

  • Experienced board certified bariatric surgeons
  • Accessibility - direct flights between Prague and over 130 destinations from 79 EUR return
  • Personal Assistance - local representative to help you during the whole process, free help during your stay
  • Free medical history evaluation - by our experienced surgeons
  • Availability - available surgery dates within 2 weeks
  • Individual treatment plans - we will tailor your trip according to your needs
  • One short stay required for most procedures
  • Prague - stunning UNESCO world-heritage city is ideal for a short break

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More about Gastric Plication

How is Gastric Plication in Prague done?
In the morning of the procedure date you will have your preoperative tests and an English-speaking internist will examine you. After that, you will have the gastroscopy and ultrasound examination. If there are no ulcers found, the surgery can be done in general anesthesia and laparoscopically. After the surgery you will spend 2 – 3 hours in the intensive care unit. Then you will be taken to the inpatient ward. The following 3 days your surgeon will come for check – ups. If everything is fine, you can leave back home on the third day. You will also get your personal diet plan. 

How long should I stay in Prague for Gastric Plication?
Only 4 – 5 nights in Prague are required for this procedure.

What is the mechanism of losing weight with Gastric Plication in Prague?
Because a part of the stomach is creased and wrapped inside it, the inside volume gets much smaller than before. As a result, the patient feels full after eating very small portions. The operation is reversible: the stitches can be taken out again.

How much weight can I lose with Gastric Plication in Prague?
The amount of weight you lose after Gastric Plication depends on how closely you follow your diet and adopt lifestyle changes. In general, patients lose 50 - 60 % of their excess weight over the first 2 years.

After such major weight loss you may be interested in having a cosmetic surgery to improve your look further. Patients sometimes want Tummy Tucks or Liposuctions. These procedures are also carried out at our clinics in Prague.

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Prices & Costs

Price from: 3500 EUR

The price of the Gastric Plication in Prague includes:

  • Consultation with the highly qualified surgeon
  • General anaesthetics
  • Surgery performed by a board-certified bariatric surgeon
  • All medicines
  • Thrombosis injection if required
  • All postoperative examinations
  • Assistance of local representative


Related items not included in the base price of Gastric Sleeve surgery:

  • Pre-operative examination, ECG, blood tests 200 EUR
  • Hospital stay 3-4 nights 120 EUR/night
  • Extra night at the clinic 120 EUR
  • Accommodation, transfers and our other services are optional and they are charged separately.