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Otoplasty - Bat ears correction abroad - Pinnaplasty

Otoplasty (Ear pinning, Bat Ear correction) abroad in Prague, Czech Republic:

Ear correction surgery, or otoplasty, is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries with great results. It refines the size, the shape and the position of the ear, moves prominent or protruding ears closer to the head and reduces the size of large ears. It frees man and women from the undue attention, provides natural, proportionate and symmetrical appearance , grows self-confidence and allows to engage in normal social actions without being worried about the physical look.

Our surgeons are experienced board certified surgeons. 1 stay only, help of a local representative and simple straightforward booking.

We make every effort for you to have a successful surgery with great results in the stunning world heritage city of Prague.

Benefits of Otoplasty - Bat ears correction abroad - Pinnaplasty in Prague:

    • Experienced board certified surgeons
    • Wide selection of treatments and surgeons
    • Accessibility - direct flights from over 130 destinations to Prague starting at 79 EUR round trip
    • Personal Assistance - free assistance from our local representative to help you during your stay
    • Free medical evaluation - performed by our certified cosmetic surgeons
    • Availability - surgery dates every week incl. Saturdays
    • Individual treatment plans - we will tailor your trip according to your needs
    • Only 1 stay required
    • Prague - stunning UNESCO world-heritage city is ideal for a short break

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Medical team - Iveta - Praga Medica


Position: Treatment Abroad Consultant

Languages: English and Czech

Role: Free consultations over the phone, customer service, patient coordination

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Price from
1000 EUR

The price of Otoplasty (Pinnaplasty or Ear Pinning abroad) includes:

  • Consultation with the highly qualified plastic surgeon
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Surgery performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon
  • All medicines
  • All postoperative examinations
  • Assistance of local representative

Related items not included in the base price of Otoplasty treatment:

  • Surcharge for IV sedation (analgosedation) 330 EUR

Accommodation, transfers and our other services are optional and they are charged separately.

Face and head Surgery - procedures

Double chin liposuction€ 1580
Lower eye lids (blepharoplasty)€ 900
Neck lift€ 2270
Otoplasty - Bat ears correction abroad - Pinnaplasty€ 1000
Upper and lower eye lids (blepharoplasty)€ 1500
Upper eye lids (blepharoplasty)€ 800
* Indicative pricing only, please contact us for your personalised quote with up to date pricing.

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Description of Otoplasty (Ear pinning, Bat Ear correction) abroad in Prague, Czech Republic:

Otopolasty (Pinnaplasty, Ear pinning) is a surgery of prominent auricles, or deformed auricles. The auricles are operated on after the growth termination, i.e. after reaching the age of 6. The cosmetic surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, and lasts for approximately one hour. The cut is located on the back side of the ear, so that the final scar after Otoplasty is not visible. After releasing the skin, the cartilage is formed by grinding, and the auricles are tightened to the head by stitches, to reach a suitable position.

Duration of Otoplasty (Pinnaplasty, Bat Ear correction) cosmetic surgery abroad in Prague, Czech Republic:

1 -2 hours.

Adverse effects after Otoplasty (Pinnaplasty, Ear correction) in Prague, Czech Republic:

pain, swelling, redness and insensitivity, the need to wear bandage.

Recovery after Otoplasty (Pinnaplasty, Bat Ear correction) abroad in the Czech Republic:

After Otoplasty cosmetic surgery, the auricles are covered by a bandage strapped around the head. The bandage is kept on for 10 days. After the Otoplasty surgery, the patient may go home, even driving is allowed. Pain may persist for 2 days, and it is possible to use analgesics during that period. The second day after the Otoplasty surgery the auricles are re-bandaged by means of removing the bandage and the covering placed on the auricles. The cuts behind the auricles are brushed over by a sterile verricule soaked with a disinfectant solution. A thin sterile cover is then placed behind the auricle, another cover is placed over the auricle, and it is tightened by an elastic bandage strapped up around the head. The re-bandaging is carried out by the surgeon, but in the event the patient cannot arrive in person, s/he can do it herself/himself.

The bandage is removed on the 10th day after the Otoplasty cosmetic surgery, and the patient can wash his/her hair. The stitches are absorbent, and as such, they do not need to be removed. In case the stitches are not absorbed within 3 weeks after the Otoplasty surgery, the string may be pulled out easily with scissors and tweezers. We recommend a state of rest for a period of one week after the Otoplasty surgery; office work can be carried out as early as the second day after the Otoplasty surgery, even with the auricles still covered by the bandage. After the bandage is removed, we recommend placing a sports headband or a bandage over the auricles, to prevent damage caused by an accidental touch during sleep. Sporting activities can be carried out approximately 3 weeks after the Otoplasty surgery.

Results of Otoplasty (Pinnaplasty, Bat Ear correction) abroad in Prague:

Usually permanent. Very rare need for reoperation

Anesthesia for Otoplasty (Pinnaplasty, Bat Ear correction) in Prague:

Local or analgosedation

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