Aptos facelift - face

Description of Aptos Facelift in Prague, Czech Republic:

Aptos Facelift abroad is a fine stretching of skin in the area of the face or forehead in cases when the skin is not slack to the extent where surgical face lifting or forehead surgery would be the solution. In this case, the skin is softly pulled via special strings with special hooks which will fix the skin in the pulled-out position. The Aptos Facelift cosmetic surgery abroad is carried out as an outpatient operation, under local anaesthesia, and there are no scars after this cosmetic operation. Also, no hospitalisation is required after Aptos Facelift cosmetic surgery in Prague.

Post-surgery Care after Aptos Facelift abroad in Czech Republic:

After the Aptos Facelift cosmetic surgery in Prague, the cheek or the forehead skin are sealed up by a patch to be removed by the patient on the 5th day after the Aptos Facelift surgery. Facial movements and physical activity should be limited for 10 days. Office work is possible as early as 2-3 days after the Aptos Facelift cosmetic surgery in Prague, with oedema and bruises persisting for about 7 days. No further care or stitch removal is necessary after the patch is removed. Full physical strain is possible 14 days later.

Anesthesia for Aptos Facelift abroad in Prague, Czech Republic:

Local Anaesthesia


Benefits of Aptos facelift - face in Prague:

  • Experienced board certified surgeons
  • Wide selection of treatments and surgeons
  • Accessibility - direct flights from over 130 destinations to Prague starting at 79 EUR round trip
  • Personal Assistance - free assistance from our local representative to help you during your stay
  • Free medical evaluation - performed by our certified cosmetic surgeons
  • Availability - surgery dates every week incl. Saturdays
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  • Only 1 stay required
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Aptos facelift - face in Prague, Czech Republic, abroad also stands for Feather lift

Prices & Costs

Price from: 1650 EUR

The price of Aptos facelift (Face, 12 stiches) abroad in Prague includes:

  • Consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • Local anaesthetic
  • Surgery performed by a highly qualified plastic surgeon
  • All medicines
  • Physiotherapy
  • Compression underwear if required
  • Thrombosis injection if required
  • All postoperative examinations

The price for Aptos facelift abroad is final and there will be no other extra charges. Accommodation, transfers and our other services are optional and they are charged separately.