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    When can I start to drive a car?

    In terms of the function of seeing, most patients are able to drive on the 3rd to 7th day after the surgery. It may be different in terms of law, though. It depends on whether you have the note ""glasses required for driving"" in your driving licence, or not, and on whether you are an amateur driver or professional. The record ""glasses required"" can only be erased by the competent transport department in the place of your permanent residence, exclusively under the direction of the general practitioner. These authorities do not recognize findings by an eye doctor. Glasses data are not generally recorded in new driving licences in credit card format. If you are an amateur driver, there is no record in your driving licence and you comply with the conditions of seeing specified by the relevant regulation and you do not have to take any other administrative steps. If you are a professional driver, the regulations relating to you may be more complicated. Please consult your employer or general practitioner or staff doctor what to do in order not to neglect anything.

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