What will happen with me during the initial examination?

After you come to the clinic, our receptionist will ask you for basic personal data of yours. Then the nurse will complete a questionnaire concerning your health condition in the past and at present. She will ask you about a number of other facts that we need to know in order to choose the proper surgery. This is followed by an examination of visual acuity with and without glasses and by measuring of your glasses with focometer. Then we will perform autorefracto-keratometer examination, tonometry, pentacam examination, pupillometry, aberrometry, IOL Master examination or alternatively ultrasound analyzer examination and we will determine the level of tear production. This is followed by a detailed examination of visual acuity and the dioptric condition of your eyes by a doctor and a clinical examination of your eyes by a doctor. You will also receive detailed written information about the surgery to be performed. Then the nurse will apply eye drops in both of your eyes with the aim to dilate your pupils. Dilated pupils allow the doctor to examine the retina and the optic nerve. In another interview with the doctor you will be informed about the condition of your eyes and about what surgery is the most suitable for you. The doctor will answer any of your questions. S/he will give you detailed information about the process of the surgery and about the period following the surgery. Make use of the opportunity and really ask about everything that interests you. We are here for you.