What is the law about egg donation in the Czech republic?

The egg donation is anonymous, voluntary and free in Czech Republic. Our donors are young women under 35 years which fulfill a criteria given by Czech legislation and the European tissue directive.

The Law No.373/2011 Coll. About Specific medical services states that for artificial fertilization of a woman it is possible to use gamets donated by anonymous donor. A anonymous donor only can be a female older than 18 years and younger than 35. Anonymous donor must not be a person deprived of legal capacity or a person with restricted legal capacity.

The provider entitled to do methods and procedures of assisted reproduction is obliged to ensure that mutual anonymity between the donor and the infertile couple and between the donor and the child born is maintained.

The provider who performed the medical assessment of an anonymous donor is bound to keep the date on medical condition for the period of 30 years counting from performed artificial fertilization. On the bases of a written request the provider is also obliged to handover a medical status report of a donor to the recipient or to an adult person born after the methods of assisted reproduction.

There is no financial or other fee entitlement for the donor after the collection of gamets. The provider only pays to the donor practical, economical and demonstrably incurred expenses connected to a gamets donation.


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Embryo Donation Abroad€ 2500
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