What is IVF TOP Package?

Our original IVF Top Package includes 3 very efficient and up-to-date complimentary IVF procedures.
Use of this package can increase your chances by 5-7% and includes all the following:

1) Embryo Gen
Embryo Gen is a special cultivation liquid.

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Main advantages:
It´s the first IVF natural growth factor medium with documented effect.
It improves patient comfort through higher success rate, fewer treatments, and less stress and also improves cost-efficiency through higher throughput and lower cost of producing viable pregnancies.

PISCI is a special micromanipulation technique used in fertilization.

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Main advantages:
PICSI increases the success rate because it enables the doctors to select and introduce a sperm to the oocyte based on its functional quality. While traditionally sperms are selected for ICSI based on their appearance, PICSI allows for this choice to be made based on the sperm’s ability to fertilise and function This method works on the same principal by which sperms are selected in a woman’s body within the natural fertilization process.

3) Embryo Monitoring
Time-lapse embryo monitoring basically comprises of equipment which allow embryologists to record the development of the embryos inside at timed intervals.

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Main advantages:
With embryo monitoring it is not necessary to remove the embryos from the incubator in order to inspect them. This means that the embryos are not exposed to a change in temperature and humidity.


Egg Donation Abroad€ 4300
IVF Fertility Treatment Cycle Abroad€ 2390
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