What is ICL?

ICL - intraocular contact lens is an optical element similar to contact lens; it is permanently implanted behind the iris. It does not require any maintenance or exchange. ICL is a suitable solution for more serious disorders, both plus and minus ones. The advantage is to change the lens in case the disorder progresses. The intraocular lens has excellent optical characteristics. Quite painlessly, the intraocular contact lens is implanted in the operating theatre of the outpatient clinic and the surgery takes about 10 minutes. ICL is produced by STAAR, a Swiss company, and has been approved for use by the European Union and the USFDA. It is also referred to as Visian ICL in some countries. ICL is suitable for patients younger than 40 years of age. RLE and PRELEX methods are more suitable for people over 40 and older.


Phakic lens ICL€ 1200
Phakic ICL toric lens€ 1410
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