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    What I can and can not do on the day of surgery?

    Don't schedule any other activities on the day of surgery. Eye surgery is not an ordinary experience. Take account of the fact that after the surgery you will feel like after an important examination - you will experience a mixture of euphoria, relief and great exhaustion. It is best to fall asleep for 2 to 3 hours after you return home. One or two beers or a glass of something stronger will not do any harm in this case. Note! Do not OVERDO it with alcohol and do not COMBINE alcohol with painkillers and sleeping pills! Concentrate on 2 things that are important: 1) Do not touch your eye - do not rub it. 2) Use the eye drops regularly according to the schedule you received after the surgery. Note! If you are asleep, do not let yourself be woken up because of the drops. Sleeping with your eyes closed is more important for the eye than the drops on the first day. If you do not have any problems, there is no reason for avoiding TV or computer.

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