What examinations are needed before a knee or hip replacement surgery?

Prior to a knee- or hip joint replacement, it is necessary to exclude that there is any inflamed area anywhere in your body, known as a focal infection. Such an infection could complicate the treatment, the subsequent healing and such infections could lead to an endoprosthetis joint infection. As part of the pre-surgical preparation, you will be examined by a dentist including a teeth x-ray. Furthermore, a neck swab and a urine examination for assessing the possible presence of bacteria will be performed. Also, women must have a gynaecology examination where a sample will be taken and a bacteriology test performed. It is always necessary to wait for the results of these tests and, in the case of an inflammatory focus, the exertion of the surgery will be postponed until a so-called sanitation is carried out (i.e. until a possible extraction of the infected tooth, healing with antibiotics, etc.).
Further pre-surgical test are designed to exclude the presence of blood-transferrable infectious illnesses (HIV, B and C type hepatitis, Syphilis).

If you are unsure, whether you suffer any (even a hidden) inflammatory or infectious illness, we recommend to undergo the above-mentioned examinations in advance. This way, you prevent unnecessarily prolonging the hospital stay and a risk of postponing or cancelling the surgery.


Total Hip Replacement€ 6500
Total Knee Replacement€ 7700
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