Is my cataract mature enough to receive surgery?

Compared to today, cataract surgery was performed in a quite different way twenty years ago. By freezing it to a liquid nitrogen-cooled probe, the lens was extracted from the eye by way of a large incision. The surgery was connected with a number of complications and surgery results were better in patients with a very cloudy lens. Therefore, eye doctors previously recommended to perform the surgery when the eye operated on was almost blind. The cataract needed to mature. The situation is quite different today. Surgery results are excellent and the percentage of complications is low. If there are surgery complications, they occur much more often in patients with very cloudy mature lenses. Today, suitable time for surgery is determined by the extent of difficulties caused to the patient by cataract. If the difficulties caused by cataract make life difficult for the patient, there is no reason to postpone the surgery.

People usually want the surgery because they cannot fully do their work or hobbies, cannot see to read, watch TV, sow, cannot do their usual housework, cannot drive a car, are afraid that they will fall somewhere or bump into something, lose their independence because of the vision,because of a thousand of various reasons that are important for the particular person.


Cataract Surgery € 765
Cataract Surgery with Multifocal Lens€ 1140
Cataract Surgery with Toric Lens€ 955
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