Is Egg Donation a new practice?

No, egg donation is not a new practice.
The first child born from egg donation was reported in Australia in 1983 at the Monash IVF clinic. In July 1983, a clinic in Southern California reported an egg-donation pregnancy, which subsequently led to the announcement of the first American child born from egg donation on February 3, 1984.
This scientific breakthrough changed the outlook for those who were unable to have children due to female infertility and for women who are at high risk for passing on genetic disorders. As IVF developed, the procedures used in egg donation paralleled that development: the egg donor's eggs are  harvested from her ovaries in an outpatient surgical procedure and fertilized in the laboratory, the same procedure used on IVF patients, but the resulting embryo or embryos is then transferred into the intended mother instead of into the woman who provided the egg.


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