I am younger than 18, can I undergo surgery?

Yes, you can, we regularly do surgery in patients younger than 18. Previously, when not so perfect PRK-type laser methods were only available, doctors recommended to wait until 18 years of age. The reason was that it was difficult and risky to repeat older types of surgery in case the disorder got worse again. The situation is different today. The technique of how NeoLASIK and NeoLASIK HD surgery is made creates favourable conditions for simple additional surgery that does not stress the patient. f you undergo NeoLASIK or NeoLASIK HD surgery, you will be given lifetime guarantee in the form of free provision of laser care, whereas the guarantee is included in the price of the surgery. Should you need to correct the dioptric condition of your eyes through another laser surgery in your life due to the progression of the disorder, the our eye clinic will provide the surgery for free at its own cost.


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