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    How many ivf own egg treatments the clinic has p.a. with a breakdown of successes?


    The overall clinical pregnancy rate for IVF was 40.8%.

    53.9% of women were below 35 years of age. On average 1.1 embryos per embryo transfer.

    The incidence of twins was 5.9 %.


    Altogether 323 IVF cycles with stimulation with 39,3% pregnancies per ET. Out of that 138 cycles with patients older than 35 years with succes rate 30,4%. The clinic has also performed 181 cycles with frozen embryos that year with succes rate 34,3%. With respect to the success rate it is necessary to say only 1,7 embryos were transferred on average that year (most patients are Czech women whose treatment is often covered by their insurance company, so they often prefer to have transferred just one embryo).

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