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    How many days will I stay in Prague?

    It depends on the kind of surgery. For Laser procedures, as little as 3 days are necessary. If your surgery is planned e.g. for Tuesday, you should arrive in Prague on Sunday evening. On Monday morning you will be examined at the clinic. You will be operated on Tuesday and you will be released from the clinic 1 hour after the surgery.
    If you are in a hurry, you can go home within 24 hours after the surgery, right after the 1 check up. Otherwise we recommend to stay another 3 days to enjoy beautiful Prague and before you leave, you can go for another free check up to make sure that your eyes are healing fine. Either way, you will receive your free Lifetime Guarantee certificate.

    In case of non-laser treatments 7 days are required for one eye and 10 days if both eyes are treated.

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