How long does the initial examination take?

The initial examination takes from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The length of the examination is somewhere between one to two hours in most patients. The real time mainly depends on two circumstances: 1) How fast your pupil dilates after you are given eye drops. Doctors need to dilate the pupils in order to evaluate the condition of your retina and the condition of the optic nerve. 2) How detailed your interview with the doctor will be. Part of the patients has almost no questions - either they already know everything from the Internet or from their friends, or they simply do not want to ask and leave the decision up to the doctor. Other patients demand (rightly) a step-by-step explanation of all details and circumstances of the surgery as well as detailed answers to numerous questions. It depends on you. You have the right of information and we are ready to talk with you about the surgery as long as you may wish.