Can I claim treatment costs on my medical insurance?

Both private and public insurance companies are more and more in favor of patients travelling for cheaper treatment abroad. You qualification for contribution or complete costs reimbursement depends on several factors like your insurance company policy, price and availability of the treatment in your home country, and the type of treatment. PRAGA MEDICA will be happy to advise on this and help you with necessary documentation so that you can get as much money back as possible. British patients: If you arrange to have a medical procedure abroad, with the agreement of your doctor and/or any medical practitioner responsible for monitoring your health, you may be entitled to receive care free of charge. This is possible if a procedure has a particularly long waiting list in the UK, but is available faster in another European hospital, for example. Providing the procedure will not cost more than it would do in the UK, you may be able to receive treatment abroad and reclaim the costs. In this case, the NHS would agree to cover the cost of your medical treatment abroad. Source: Irish patients: The E112 scheme, established under European Community law, enables citizens to make an application to their local Health Authority for authorisation to travel to another Member State of the European Union to receive medical treatment there. The E112 scheme provides that authorisation must be granted by the Health Authority where the treatment is not available in the home Member State or where the treatment cannot be provided in the home State without undue delay. If the authorisation to obtain treatment in a hospital or institution in another Member State is granted, the cost of the treatment will be paid for by the Health Authority in the citizen’s home State. Source:


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