Are there any risks?

Thanks to extensive experience of our board certified plastic surgeons there is a very low rate of complications among our patients. However, plastic surgery procedures as any other surgery carry risk. Risk factor depends to a large extent on your pre-operative health condition, so only after you have been examined possible complications and risks can be properly assessed and discussed.


Breast augmentation (enlargement) with anatomic McGhan implants€ 3530
Breast augmentation (enlargement) with round implants€ 2980
Breast augmented uplift with implants€ 3550
Breast reduction€ 2600
Breast uplift € 2450
Double chin liposuction€ 940
Facelift - SMASS€ 2830
Facelift SMASS with chin liposuction€ 2920
Facelift SMASS with upper eyelids€ 3655
Forehead lift€ 1880
Inverted Nipple Correction (both)€ 970
Labiaplasty - Labial reduction € 1475
Liposuction - large volume (General Anaesthesia)€ 2510
Liposuction - medium (General Anaesthesia)€ 2150
Liposuction - small volume (local anaesthesia)€ 970
Lower eye lids (blepharoplasty)€ 875
Male breast reduction - gynecomastia€ 1850
Mini Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) + Liposuction€ 2110
Neck lift€ 2220
Otoplasty - Bat ears correction abroad - Pinnaplasty€ 1010
Rhinoplasty - nasal tip only€ 1100
Rhinoplasty abroad - complete nose surgery€ 2030
Rhinoplasty with Septoplasty - complete nose surgery€ 2330
Thigh lift abroad - Prague€ 2420
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty)€ 2890
Tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) with liposuction € 3170
Upper and lower eye lids (blepharoplasty)€ 1500
Upper Arm Lift (Reduction of skin + Liposuction)€ 1970
Upper eye lids (blepharoplasty)€ 825
Gastric Sleeve - Robotic Surgery€ 6900
Chin Wrinklers (horizontal)€ 40
Forehead Wrinkles€ 156
Wrinkles Around the Eyes€ 140
Wrinkles between Eyebrows€ 156
Dermal fillers large correction€ 396
Dermall fillers small correction€ 196
Lip enlargement€ 396
Septoplasty€ 2275
* Indicative pricing only, please contact us for your personalised quote with up to date pricing.

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