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    After eye surgery (for women)?

    Can I carry a child in the arms and lift it from the floor after the surgery?

    After laser surgery, you can - be only careful that the child doesn't hit your eye in the first week. In the case of non-laser surgery with lens implantation, it depends on the proportion of the weight of your child in relation to your physical abilities. An infant or a child of up to 1 year of age won't perhaps be a problem. Be careful with children weighing more than 15 kg. The biggest danger here is also a hit in the eye. We do not disallow bending as such. The thing is that you do not load your body with extreme stress. Then you keep your belly stiff and close your eyes tight.

    I like to dive. Will I be able to dive after the surgery?

    Yes, you will. Femtosecond laser surgery has been approved in the US Navy for divers and other US NAVY SEAL members. We recommend NeoLASIK or NeoLASIK HD surgery for divers. However, please do not dive for 4 weeks after the surgery.

    How long after the surgery can I put make-up on my eyelids and eyelashes?

    After laser surgery do not put make-up on your eyelashes for two weeks. As regards non-laser surgery, consult your doctor after a week - one week without make-up should be enough in this case. If your eyelids are bright or red and you think that you can't do without making up your eyelashes for such a long time, consider dyeing them. However, have the eyelashes dyed at least a week before the scheduled surgery. You can carefully make up your eyelids already in a week after the surgery. It is not that making up your eyelids could do damage but we are afraid of the pressure on the eyelids and eyes during when the make-up is removed. If necessary, it is possible to wear make-up on other parts of the face in the evening after the surgery. If you come for a postoperative examination, please do not wear make-up on your eyelids and eyelashes.

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