Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek

  • Position: Senior Surgeon
  • Experience: operating since 1990´s, on average 20 procedures per week
  • Languages: English, German and Czech
  • Specialization: Robotic surgery

Personal details:

  • Doctor Tvaruzek performs operations on Da Vinci robot and other complex kinds of surgeries on daily basis.
  • He specializes in weight loss surgery, such as gastric sleeve and prostate cancer removal
  • Dr. Jaroslav Tvaruzek has been working in the surgery field since 1990’s first in Germany and after in the Czech Republic
    since 2003
  • he is the Head of the Surgical Department of the hospital St. Zdislavy and since 2007 he is leading
    the Center for Robotic Surgery Vysocina- a specialized robotic work station, which provides contracted cancer
    surgery for Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute in Brno
  • he is one of the founders of robotic surgery in our country and his team is composed of doctors and nurses
    who have been operating since 2008, performing the most surgeries using the da Vinci robotic system in
    the Czech Republic
  • the department of Surgery Vysocine, supervised by MUDr. Tvaruzek, annually operates on a number of
    foreign patients with cancer
  • in March 2009 he became a specialist in robotic surgery and the surgeon is recommended in the American
    company Intuitive Surgical Inc

Certifications and professional Membership

Other: (Experience from abroad, Studies, worked at, etc.)

  • Residencies or internships in USA, Germany and Austria

Specialized Center for Orthopaedic, Robotic and Weight Loss Surgery

This private Hospital is located about 2 hour driver form Prague. Highly qualified team of experts can offer specialized treatment. Among them: the replacement of large joints or robotized reconstructive surgery of the prostate, bowel surgery and kidney surgery.

Orthopedics deparment
The orthopaedics ward treats patients with problems, illnesses and injuries of the movement apparatus. During the examination, we evaluate the overall status as well as the range of joint damage and in indicated cases, we arrange for a surgery of these patients (arthroscopy, corrective osteotomy, arthrodesis or artificial joint replacement).
Orthopedics is equipped with rehabilitation equipment that allows for subsequent rehabilitation after surgery.
Together with the subsequent rehabilitation care facilities, the orthopaedics ward has 28 beds overall, plus additional 3 intensive care beds on the intensive care unit.
The following surgeries are carried out on the orthopaedics ward:

•    Endoprosthesis replacements of large joints (hip, knee, shoulder)
•    Revision surgeries of large joint replacements
•    Arthroscopic surgeries (shoulder, knee, ankle)
•    Foot surgery
•    Cubital and carpal canal syndrom surgeries
•    We remove benign bone or movement apparatus tumours
•    Rheumatic surgery
•    Traumatology

We use these so-called mini-invasive treatments as often as possible, and in indicated cases the PC navigation is being applied. We use the post-surgical blood collection ORTHOP A.S. system or the so-called autotransfusion, modern implants and endoprosthesis. All this lowers the burden put on the patient, improves and fastens up the healing process as well as the post-surgical rehabilitation, shortens the hospital stay and the subsequent recovery phase. Mini-invasive methods also lower the post-surgical pain and smaller scars present an optical advantage.

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