Dr. Zdenka Maskova

Personal details:

  • Highly experienced senior eye surgeon
  • Over 29 years of experience
  • Graduate of the Medical Faculty of J.E. Purkyne in Brno
  • Specializes in the diagnosis and surgery of cataracts, retinal and vitreous diseases and laser treatment of the retina.

Certifications and professional Membership

  • Czech Ophthalmology Society
  • Czech Vitreoretinal Society
  • Czech Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons
  • Czech Medical Chamber in the field of ophthalmology

Other: (Experience from abroad, Studies, worked at, etc.)

  • Lectures at many medical congresses in the Czech Republic and abroad

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Testimonial – Matt Crimp – Vision correction – IntraLASIK

Extremely professional, reassuring and efficient...

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Testimonial – Kenny Lunn – Vision correction – LenSx

To everyone I say go to Praga Medica. You won't regret it.

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Отзывы – Вячеслав Slava Кисель – Микрохирургия глаза

Благодарен за отличный сервис на всех стадиях моей поездки. Bce прошло замечательно от начала и до конца, персонал клиник и доктор очень заботливо относятся ко всем пациентам. Никаких проблем в послеоперационный период тоже не было. Помощь представителей Praga Medica была очень полезной! С Уважением, Вячеслав Вячеслав Slava Кисель, Украина 31. Украина 2020 Отзывы – Микрохирургия глаза    

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Modern eye clinic in Brno

This clinic is a renown eye surgery institution located in Brno. It is the centre of modern eye surgery which features the most advanced diagnostic equipment and laser technologies.

Comprehensive Eye Care Abroad:

  • Comprehensive eye care for children and adults
  • Individual approach
  • Appointments without waiting
  • Painless, professional treatment
  • European subsidiaries in Bohemia (Prague) and Slovakia (Bratislava)

Full range of laser and non-laser intraocular eye surgeries

  • Full laser eye surgery - femtoLASIK, IntraLASIK and ReLEx SMILE
  • Intraocular lens replacement
  • Cataract surgery
  • ICL phakic lenses
  • Treatment of astigmatism with the help of the system VERION
  • Treatment of the keratoconus disease (Collagen Cross Linking and Intrastromal Keraring rings)
  • Treatment of retina and vitreous
  • Strabismus sugery
  • Glaucoma treatment

Unique Technologies

  • ZEISS Femtosecond laser VisuMAX 500 - This ground-breaking laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its outstanding cutting precision, unsurpassed speed and gentle treatment technique.
  • MEL 80 Excimer Laser - The MEL® 80 is a top quality ZEISS product, designed to make the correction of vision defects even safer, more patient-friendly and individual.
  • Zeiss Stratus 0CT3 optical tomograph that will precisely determine treatment options for retina and vitreous eye disorders such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.
  • VERION Image Guided System is a revolutionary navigational technology helping eye surgeons to achieve very precise placement of the toric lenses.
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