Dr. Jana Miksovska

  • Position: Eye Surgeon, Deputy Chief of Medical Staff
  • Experience: Over 3500 procedures since 1995
  • Languages: English and Czech
  • Specialization: Refractive eye surgery and cataract removal

Personal details:

  • Highly experienced senior eye surgeon and deputy chief of staff
  • Graduate of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague
  • Specializes in cataract surgery, refractive eye surgery and LenSx laser assisted femtosecond eye surgery

Certifications and professional Membership

  • Czech Ophthalmology Society
  • Czech Vitreoretinal Society
  • Czech Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons
  • Czech Medical Chamber in the field of ophthalmology

Other: (Experience from abroad, Studies, worked at, etc.)

  • Regularly attends medical congresses and courses in the Czech Republic and abroad

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Testimonial – Deirdre Dennehy-O’Brien – Vision correction – RLE with trifocal lens

Excellent , professional , friendly , clean and brilliant service...

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Testimonial – Kate Canavan – Vision correction – RLE with trifocal lens

Lens replacement My hubby and myself just back after his lens replacement surgery and I cannot fault them first class service and treatment Tam delighted and will get his Hgv licence back.I would recommend them to others. Kate Canavan, UK 27 March 2020 Reviews – Vision correction – RLE with trifocal lenses This patient review and testimonial has been validated through TrustPilot

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Testimonial – L. Gommersall – Vision correction – RLE with trifocal lens

Everything that I had done was explained clearly to me which greatly reduced the stress I was feeling. Clara especially was so nice and comforting. Could you please pass my gratitude on to her as with the medical I received I didn’t have a chance to thank her. L. Gommersall, UK Wed, 26 Jul 2020 Reviews – Vision correction – RLE with trifocal lenses

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Eye Surgery Clinic

Modern eye clinic in Prague

This clinic is a renown eye surgery institution located in the city centre of Prague. It is the centre of modern eye surgery which features the most advanced diagnostic equipment and laser technologies.

Comprehensive Eye Care Abroad:

  • Comprehensive eye care for children and adults
  • Individual approach
  • Appointments without waiting
  • Painless, professional treatment
  • European subsidiaries in Moravia (Brno) and Slovakia (Bratislava)

Full range of laser and non-laser eye surgeries

  • Full laser eye surgery - femtoLASIK, IntraLASIK and ReLEx SMILE
  • Intraocular lens replacement - standard and LenSx laser method
  • Cataract surgery - standard and LenSx laser method
  • ICL phakic lenses

Unique Technologies

  • ZEISS Femtosecond laser VisuMAX 500 - This ground-breaking laser system employs high-performance femtosecond laser technology and is characterized by its outstanding cutting precision, unsurpassed speed and gentle treatment technique.
  • ALCON Femtosecond LenSx laser - This laser provides the surgeon with well - known benefits of femtosecond technology – micron level precision, accuracy and predictability. It is designed to perform many of the challenges of traditional , manually executed cataract and other types of intraocular surgeries with computer precision.
  • MEL 80 Excimer Laser - The MEL® 80 is a top quality ZEISS product, designed to make the correction of vision defects even safer, more patient-friendly and individual.
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