Dr. Peter Ondrejka

Position: Plastic and cosmetic surgeon

Experience: operating since 1980, on average 35 procedures per week

Languages: English and Czech

Specialization: Full range of cosmetic surgery procedures


Personal details:

  • Board certified plastic surgeon who performs full range of cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Highly experienced plastic surgeon specialising in rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, vaser liposuction, facelift and fat grafting procedure
  • Graduate of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague
  • Acquired experience at best hospitals and cosmetic surgery clinics in the Czech Republic.
  • Worked as the plastic surgeon at the Harley Medical Group in England since 2005, where he still serves as the consultant
  • Experienced expert on anatomically shaped mammary implants

Certifications and professional Membership

  • Czech Medical Society of J. E. Purkyně
  • Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Society of Aesthetic Surgery
  • Society of Hand Surgery
  • Society for Laser Use
  • Surgical Society
  • General Medical Council in the United Kingdom
  • Medical Council Ireland - medical society of the Republic of Ireland

Cerftifications: (Experience from abroad, Studies, worked at, etc.)

  • Fat transfer course - BRAVA system (MD Khouri, Miami, Florida)
  • Fat transfer course - BRAVA system (MD Khouri, London, UK)
  • Course in the application of anatomically shaped implants

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