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Testimonial – Dagmara John – IVF Fertility treatment – IVF Cycle Abroad

We chose Praga Medica after unsuccessful IVF cycle in the UK, compared the treatments and prices in UK clinics and contacted Praga Medica with a lot of questions. Veronika was our regular point of contact and she was absolutely brilliant, always replying within couple of hours. We arrived for our first consultation with Dr Alexander when treatment was discussed, medication prescribed and planned for suitable dates. We chose top IVF package with PICSI (not available...

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FOTO Testimonial – US couple – IVF Fertility treatment – the cutest smile

The cutest smile sends a gorgeous baby girl from a lovely US couple

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FOTO Testimonial – Irina – IVF Fertility treatment – Lovely greetings from baby Maya

Baby Maya sends lovely greetings from London 🙂

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