Dr. Jan Sulc

  • Position: IVF Specialist, Guarantor of donor programs
  • Experience: Since 1984 on average 200 procedures per year
  • Languages: English, Russian and Czech
  • Specialization: Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology

Personal details:

  • Dr. Jan Sulc is a co-founder and co-owner of the clinic GEST
  • Professional service guarantor for foreign customers
  • Highly experienced reproductive medicine specialist, obstetrician and gynaecologist
  • Specializes in IVF with donor eggs and donor embryos
  • Double certification in the field of reproductive medicine
  • Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague
  • Born in 1956

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IVF Fertility clinic in Prague

PRAGA MEDICA provide fertility treatment at a private medical centre that has been operating in the field of fertility treatment for over 15 years. We emphasize an individual approach towards our clients and health care quality, as documented by the certification of quality management ISO 9001-2008. We provide full range of methods of assisted reproduction - IVF, ICSI, assisted hatching, cultivation of embryos to the blastocyst stage, cryoprogramme, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, donor programmes / donated sperm, eggs, and embryos.

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