Dr. Katerina Jandova

Position: Senior Dentist

Experience: Practicing dentisty since 2004

Languages: English, German, and Czech

Specialization: Aesthetic Dentistry, CAD/CAM Prosthetics, Endodontics

Personal details:

  • Dr. Katerina Jandova is a highly experienced English speaking dentist
  • She specializes in instant CAD/CAM Prosthetics - ceramic crowns, veneers and bridges often in combination with dental implants
  • Doctor Jandova works regularly with advanced dental technology such as CAD/CAM Cerec machine, dental lasers, machine and microscope endodontics, digital x-rays and CT scans
  • She is an official representative and trainer for CAD/CAM technologies from Sirona
  • Dentist Katerina Jandova specializes in also in Aesthetic dentistry and endodontic treatment

Certifications and professional Membership

  • 6 year university studies, medical degree in Dentistry 2004
  • Czech Medical Chamber in the field of dentistry

Other: (Experience from abroad, Studies, worked at, etc.)

  • Germany, University of Wittenherdecke 2003, intership
  • Dr.Katerina Jandova attends regularly various dental courses and lectures following up-to-date methods in dentistry

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