Dr. Katerina Jandova

  • Position: Senior Dentist
  • Experience: Practicing dentistry since 2004
  • Languages: English, German und Czech
  • Spezialisation: Aesthetic Dentistry, CAD / CAM-Prothetics, Endodontics

Personal Details:

  • Dr. Kateřina Jandová is a long-time experienced English-speaking dentist
  • Specialization: Immediate CAD / CAM prosthetics - ceramic crowns, veneers (veneers) and bridges, often in combination with dental implants
  • Dr. Jandová regularly works with advanced, state-of-the-art dental technology such as CAD / CAM Cerec machine, dental laser, microscopic endodontics, digital radiography and CT-Scan
  • Dr. Jandová is official representative and trainer for CAD / CAM technologies of Sirona
  • Dr. Jandová specializes in aesthetic dentistry and endodontic treatment

Certifications and professional membership

  • 6-year medical studies, degree in dentistry 2004
  • Czech Medical Association in the field of dentistry
  • 2003 - Internship at the University of Wittenherdecke, Germany
  • Continuing education in the field of dentistry by participating in congresses, seminars and factory training

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No waiting, nice dentist, very professional and saved me a lot of money compared to having the work done in Germany.

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Modern dental clinic in Prague

This clinic is the centre of modern dentistry which features the most advanced diagnostic equipment and CAD/CAM technologies (fabrication of accurate and clinically perfect prosthetic crowns or bridges made “while one waits”).
We are focused on mini-invasive and painless dentistry, and we are changing the ingrained stereotypes:

• Comprehensive dental care for children and adults
• Individual and human approach
• Appointments without waiting
• Painless, professional treatment
• Top facilities and equipment

Comprehensive Dental Care Abroad

We provide a full range of dental services, procedures and prosthetic products – always with a choice of standard or above standard treatment, with the standard treatment upgraded to the new level.

Our team of educated professionals is complete – dentists of various specialties, dental hygienist, dental assistants and receptionists – they all will take care of your smile. We are a comprehensive care centre for children as well as adults with an extensive portfolio:

• Prosthetics – crowns, bridges and veneers
• CAD/CAM prosthetics, inlays, onlays
• Endodontics (root canal treatment)
• Periodontology
• Dentures
• Dental Implants
• Orthodontics (braces)
• Dental hygiene
• Whitening
• Sealing of teeth
• Dental fillings and build-ups

Excellent Dental Services in Prague

• Painless dentistry
We minimize the pain and put emphasis on the patient´s comfort during treatment session. We apply advanced and highly effective anaesthetics. In the course of diagnostics and treatment we prefer the laser beam from metal instruments whenever possible.
Our philosophy is a thorough prevention and early detection of emerging dental diseases. In this case dentistry does not hurt!

• Aesthetic and fully functional fillings without use of amalgam
The scientific studies confirm that the use of amalgam in dentistry should be limited. The amalgam fillings can release toxic substances – particularly mercury. For above mentioned reasons, we alert our patients to the risks of amalgam and offer them more secure as well as more aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Unique Technologies for Your Dentistry Abroad

• CAD/CAM Cerec
The Cerec system combines the latest technology of computer-guided modelling with CNC milling. Thus you can obtain excellent ceramic restorations, crowns, bridges or veneers only during one session. No waiting and no temporary (provisional) prosthetic products. Outstanding accuracy, durability and aesthetics.

• Dental microscope
The dental microscope allows the dentist to image the finest details of tooth structures and surrounding tissues. It results in improved diagnostics, increased accuracy and quality of the treatment. The microscope is used mainly during endodontic treatment (root canal treatment).

• Diagnostic LASER
We have the equipments for early diagnosis of dental caries based on laser beam as well as photo-fluorescence methods (KaVo DiagnoCAM, Durr Vistacam). It is a fast, safe and painless method of caries detection without exposure to X-ray radiation. We can detect the incipient caries lesions in time and so we are able to treat them gently and painlessly.

• Surgical LASER
The laser for the soft tissue surgery represents another tool of our mini-invasive specialization. The laser beam penetrates the tissues more accurately and more gently than a scalpel and it simultaneously stops bleeding and sterilizes the surgical site. In endodontics it also reliably destroys pathogens of the root canal.

• Digital X-rays, OPG and 3D CT
The digital imaging facilitates the dentist´s work and burdens the patient with much smaller doses of radiation. Our clinic uses the latest technology of SIRONA Company. Whether it is “a small” intraoral x-ray used directly in the offices, large panoramic (OPG) image or 3D CT image (used for planning of implants) – the dentist always receives high-resolution images and diagnostics as well as treatment is even more accurate.

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