Why is Egg donation so costly? Considering IVF abroad

Do you feel like you’ve exhausted fertility treatment options?  Traditional IVF treatment has failed, and you’re left wondering what other options you may have.  IVF egg donation might be the answer.  More couples are electing for this option, however, the price for IVF egg donation has drastically increased making it less affordable for couples.  An alternative is to undergo egg donation abroad.  In the past three years, more couples have chosen to go abroad not only due to sheer cost savings, but more importantly higher success rates.

In the UK the average price for IVF in 2017 with egg donation is around 9000£ which is around 10 250€. The price includes all necessary costs. However, usually, a person is not guaranteed an embryo. Thus if a person pays for such procedure and the eggs do not get fertilized, then the person has lost most or all of the money paid for the procedure depending on the refund condition of the clinic. If a patient wants a guarantee that it will receive at least one embryo, then the price can go up to 18 000€. It is also important to note down the fact that due to the legislation in the UK patient is not able to choose as much from the donors as they have to stay anonymous. The average success rate is around 40% according to human’s fertilization and embryology authorities. This is why many UK pairs which try to conceive face the question to have IVF in the UK or abroad

In the Czech Republic (Czechia) through Praga Medica, which works with the best clinic in the Czech Republic, the cost of IVF treatment with egg donation is around 4250€. This so called “ IVF abroad package” includes all necessary examination of the recipient and the donor even including genetic testing,1st transfer to the clinic And unlike in the countries above a guarantee of at least 2 embryos as well as a discount of 10% on another fresh cycle if the patient does not get pregnant. Czech Republic has similar legislation about IVF with egg donation as Ireland and thus the patient can choose the donor. The privilege to choose and having the benefit of having the 3rd cycle for free or 10% on another attempt will cost you only additional 1000€. Thus making the final price if you wish to choose the donor 5250€. This is almost one-third of the price of a similar package in Ireland which doesn’t include the first transfer to the clinic and a representative which will be available to the patient if any problem occurs as well as the success rate being much higher. The success rate is the same as US’s which is around 60% which is one of the highest success rates for such treatment.

With our FET guarantee package you have over 70% chance to get pregnant.

Therefore even if we add to this price other costs like a Hotel stay, airplane ticket, and other costs, the price will still be lower than in the countries mentioned above not even mentioning that the success rate is higher or same as the countries mentioned above. This is why Czech Republic is well known for its cheap IVF with high success rate and outstanding quality of service. So The answer to, how to improve IVF success rate might be to go abroad for IVF. In some countries, it is illegal to undergo IVF if you are over 40. Therefore you will have to undergo IVF with donor eggs abroad if you are over 40 years old. In the Czech Republic, the limit for IVF is 48 years old.

Why is egg donation IVF cheaper in the Czech Republic?
This is because egg donors tend to get the average salary within the country for the egg donation. In the Czech Republic, the average salary is way lower than that of the countries mentioned above. This is also due to the fact that the wages for the people working in the clinic are lower than of the countries above. However, this doesn’t mean that they are worse. This is mainly due to the fact that the expenses for living in the Czech Republic are low as well as that the med schools are for free and the most prestigious schools in the Czech Republic are public schools and the administration costs in the Czech Republic are low. As well as that Czech Republic is very efficient with its IVF and is well-known for a good quality IVF all around the world. Thus enabling these clinics to buy the newest equipment necessary for IVF.



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