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How to get to Prague? It might be easier than you have expected

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From Prague airport, you can travel directly to over 150 destinations with over 60 companies. Prague airport is planning to have even more destinations each year. In Europe, you can ...

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From Prague airport, you can travel directly to over 150 destinations with over 60 companies. Prague airport is planning to have even more destinations each year.

In Europe, you can fly to all Major cities directly from the main Czech airport and to many smaller destinations of which lists is gradually increasing. Not only that but also the number of Flights outside of Europe is drastically increasing as Czechia is becoming one of the Europe’s biggest tourist destination as well as due to an increase in FDI (foreign direct investment) due to the sustainable growth of Czech economy. The most important thing about flying to Prague is the cost. Flying to Prague is very cheap if you book at the right time. This is mainly due to competition, many companies flying to the same destination, which results in price wars from which the customer benefits as low prices are set for such service and also due to the number of low-cost carriers flying to Prague. As well as costs for landing and services done at the airport is low as there are many runways and the number of airplanes that can land is not limited like in London Heathrow, Paris CDG and Amsterdam’s airport. This is because Prague’s Airport has a lot of runways and is still able to build new ones as well as the government setting the costs lower as it attracts tourists and thus increase in number of tourists.

From October 2017 It is possible to fly to London 15 times a day to all six London airports which handle with 60% of UK’s flights.Therefore you can access Prague from London city(LCY), Heathrow(LHR), Gatwick(LGW), Luton(LTN), Stansted(STN) and Southend(SEN) airport. Altogether these airports serve around 400 destinations. Thus making it the perfect city to have a connection flight to North and South America, Asia, Oceania and Australia. Once a day with BA CityFlyer to London city airport,Once to London Luton with Wizz Air, Once a day  to Southend with Flybe, three times a day to London Gatwick with SmartWings and easyJet, three times a day to Stansted with Ryanair and easyJet, five times a day to Europe’s busiest airport London Heathrow with British Airways. This is altogether 14 times a day and from October it will be 15 times a day.

You can also fly directly from Prague airport (PRG) with Czech Airlines to Birmingham, with easyJet to Bristol and Edinburgh, with Jet2 to  East Midlands, Glasgow and Leeds and with Ryanair to Liverpool.

There are 4 times a day flights From Prague’s Vaclav Havel airport to the second busiest airport in Europe to Paris Charles de Gaulle with Czech airlines, easyJet, Air France and Vueling.

You can get to Prague from the Netherlands 4 times a day. Three times to  Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport (AMS) with Czech airlines, KLM and easyJet.  Once a day to Eindhoven airport(EIN) with Transavia. From Amsterdam airport, you can get to over 300 destinations. This is mainly due to the Netherlands having big ship ports and being the biggest importer of goods from non-EU countries in the EU and thus also having many business centers and many European headquarters of international companies. This means that there are many direct flights with usually the biggest aircraft to America, Asia,Oceania and Australia. This is why Schiphol airport is also the third busiest airport in Europe.

There are Many direct flights to German cities like Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn and Munchen.

One of the most important flights to Prague is with Norwegian Air, which flies to Vaclav Havel airport three times a day. This is important as Norwegian air has the cheapest transatlantic flights and is adding destinations on moth to moth bases and also due to the potential of this airline to be the worlds biggest airline due to its low prices.

There are many flights outside of Europe like to Toronto, Montreal , New York JFK, Dubai with many companies and Emirate’s Airbus A380, Doha, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi’an and many more.

Prague Airport is the busiest airport in the Czech Republic. It used to be called Ruzyne Airport but after the death of the first post communistic president in 2012, it was renamed after him, Vaclav Havel airport. As it was very recent, many Czechs still tend to say Ruzyne which tend to confuse tourist. Vaclav Havel airport has 4 terminals. A First terminal for international flights, 2nd Terminal for flights within the Shenzhen zone ( EU and EEA countries, traveling to these destination can be done passport free), 3rd Terminal which is for charter flights, private flights and for diplomatic visitors. Terminal 4 is a military terminal which is dedicated to military and Czech government special like the air force one and for worlds most important presidents like The US president.

Vaclav Havel airport was open 5th of April 1937 and is a base to many airlines. It is the longest base for Czech airlines which have been founded on the 6th of October 1923.