Banish stubborn fat and dare to bare this summer

As we finally begin to slough off our winter layers with the arrival of spring, it’s time to start thinking of shaping up for summer. Liposuction is the second most popular surgical enhancement behind breast augmentation and almost a quarter of a million procedures were carried out in the US alone last year.[1] Its popularity is primarily due to the fact that it is minimally invasive when compared to say a tummy tuck, but it can still deliver excellent, long-lasting results for the right candidate.

Who benefits most from liposuction?

The ideal candidate is healthy and around their ideal weight, but with problem areas of fat on the hips or tummy, for example, that won’t shift through diet and exercise alone. It is not suitable for anyone needing to lose a lot of weight. It should be seen as a means to sculpt and contour the body, not a magic wand to turn a size 22 into a size 10.

Other considerations include:

Skin elasticity: Good tone is important as the skin will need to contract to fit the new, slimmer contours of the body. Skin that is damaged by age or sun may adversely affect the final result.

Have realistic expectations: If you want to be bikini-ready straight out of the clinic, then you may be disappointed. Optimal results are usually not seen until several months after the procedure and aftercare is very important in ensuring that the surgery is as effective as possible. Bruising and temporary lumps and bumps will be visible for several weeks and a compression garment must be worn during this time to control swelling. A week or two off work to convalesce is recommended.

Don’t see it as a way to cheat yourself thin: It’s not a free pass to eat what you like and ditch the gym. Although liposuction removes fat cells permanently, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle or you will find fat deposits building up in other parts of your body.

It’s not just for women! Contrary to popular belief, lipo is also a very effective tool for men looking to rid themselves of love handles, spare tires and moobs. In fact, men’s skin retains its elasticity for longer than women’s meaning even older men can avail themselves of body contouring technologies.

Types of liposuction techniques:

Ultrasonic/ultrasound-assisted  (UAL)/Vaser liposuction: Ultrasonic waves precisely  target  fat cells and break them down before they are sucked out.

Laser lipolysis (SmartLipo & SlimLipo): Lasers target fat cells and melt them, which encourages the production of collagen and results in firmer skin.

Radiofrequency-assisted (RFAL)/BodyTite: Targeted radiofrequency waves liquefy fat cells, allowing them to be vacuumed out. Promotes collagen production and toned skin.

Want to know more?

Contact one of our experts to see if you are a good candidate for liposuction. Remember, a lipo-sculpted body is no longer just a female privilege. We also help many men achieve body confidence and the physique they desire.

Contributing writer: Natasha Robinson

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