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Gynecomastia treatment

I like to take the opportunity to thank Praga Medica for my gynecomastia treatment.I’m highly satisfied because at every step of the process the professionalism, knowledge, effective communication, and care from Dr Padera and his staff members demonstrated that my wellbeing was their goal.

Special thanks to Lenka (Senior Foreign Consultant), who I hugely impressed with she answered all of my questions before and after surgery to with specificity so that I knew what to expect during every stage of the process.

All of the above reduced my stress levels and fears associated with the surgery, and that contributed to faster and better healing. My experience with Dr Padera and his team has been truly priceless to me, that level of care cannot be bought. For years I looked for, researched and vetted surgeons for my procedure, and it was all worthy. Lenka and everybody in his office has gone above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of, before, during, and after the surgery.

Once again Thank you, Lenka. Especially for the Prague Tourism information & City guide.

They Are Truly The BEST!

Orlando, UK | 11 Jan 2020 | Reviews – Cosmetic surgery – Gynecomastia

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