Testimonial – Jo – Multifocal RLE

I am delighted with the result of the procedure. It is wonderful to not have to constantly be fumbling around for glasses to see things
properly. I was in Prague for 8 days, having decided to get both eyes done on the same trip rather than making two separate journeys.
The whole thing was managed very well, the hotel was adequate and close to the clinic. Zdenek was very efficient and helpful. Staff
at the clinics were good too and the procedure itself is completely painless. I managed to have a few days of sightseeing in between
procedures which was a bonus. Only downside was an eye infection I developed on return to UK which required a trip to hospital to sort
out. I really would recommend this to anyone who like me, hates wearing glasses.

Jo, UK
01st July 2012
Multifocal intra-ocular lens replacement

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