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“Extremely pleasant and understanding”

Were you pleased with the treatment?

I am pleased with the result and it was everything as advertised. The agent spoke fluent English so did the surgeon who was extremely pleasant and understanding. Overall, I think it was a success and Prague was very beautiful and friendly locals who spoke a reasonable level of English. It was on the money.

Salem, UK
23rd March, 2011

Flying to Prague

Flying to Prague for a medical treatment can’t be easier. Prague Airport is an international air hub servicing between 11 and 12 million passengers per year. It is connected with over 130 destinations worldwide by direct flights and there are approximately 50 airlines to choose from. Prague airport was voted the best Eastern European airport in 2008.

Prague airport Ruzyne is a modern airport located on the outskirts of Prague and approximately 17 km of the city centre. There are two spacious terminals with a wide range of restaurants, shops and kiosk along with many services available for the passengers. Buses, train bus shuttles and taxi service operate at the airport offering a clean, comfortable and speedy way to get you to your hotel, clinic or simply to the city centre. The travel time to the city centre is less than 30 minutes. Read more at http://www.prg.aero/en/